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Five months

That's how long I've been working from home.

If you'd told me that I would still be working at home come July I don't think I would have believed you? Perhaps I should have but I don't remember actually expecting this to go on for so long back at the time. I think I expected we'd be at home for a month or two and then back to normal.

That being said, I am relieved that my company has chosen to go this route. So far only those who would benefit a lot from being in the office have gone back, other than that everyone who can work from home is still doing just that.

Given that BC has recently had a small spike in cases again, I'm not upset about that, really. Sometimes I catch myself getting a bit slack and I have to remind myself that the virus hasn't disappeared, and I *am* just as concerned about getting it as I was a few months ago.

I do miss my friends, though, and some days I feel distinctly sloth-like. I'm an introvert by nature and this has definitely played into those tendencies.

I've been catching up on my reading recently, though! For awhile I was watching a lot of tv but now I have switched to reading. I'm doing the Reading Rush this week, hoping to finish The Book Thief, The Secret Garden and A Darker Shade Of Magic. Maybe I will do an update at the end of the week on how it went! There are comment count unavailablecomments at Dreamwidth.
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Yesssss. Man, I do love me some Dixie Chicks, their stuff is almost always awesome.

I was over at LJ poking at their new entry page and am not quite sure what to think of it, really? It seems a bit like they are trying to mimic... idk, Tumblr or something. I suppose that might make sense. How's LJ even doing, now? I know it's still owned by some Russian company but I don't know what that means for the financial side. I have it all backed up, anyway - probably need to save my newer entries but they'd be over here, too.

Have been keeping half an eye on the US politics situation but don't know how to feel at the moment. God knows how I'd feel if I was American, so those of you who are have my sympathies :(

To be honest over the last year I've found myself scarily... disenchanted or maybe even depressed by the news. I mean there's always been negative stuff in the media but it seems overwhelming, now. Everyone seems so divided and unhappy, the economy is rocky, governments everywhere are going to shit and it seems like climate change is starting to catch up and bite us all in the ass. It seems like there's very little to be *done* about it at all, too. I find myself avoiding sites that have any headlines about the world or politics because I just need to distance myself and be able to *breathe* without constantly feeling like we're all in this gigantic clusterfuck controlled by the rich, ignorant and dangerously uncaring.

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So I've been coming up with a list of stuff that I want to watch and so far I've got the following:

- The Expanse
- Altered Carbon
- Doctor Who (latest season)
- Star Trek: Picard (and maybe Discovery?)
- The Witcher
- The Umbrella Academy
- The Mandalorian
- Homeland

Of course, this demonstrates part of the problem - there is so much I want to watch! So instead I'm rewatching Bones as though I haven't already seen the entire thing. I think I want to start with Picard, though I'm wondering if I'll be okay if I've only really watched Voyager? I've gotten started on TNG but have only watched a couple of episodes.

I also need to pick up a book so that my progress over on GR isn't sitting at a big fat zero. Does Strange Planet count? The strip is just so cute.

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Attention deficit

Cycles... I go through them, and they frustrate me.

This isn't something new - I've been aware of it for awhile, though that doesn't do much to prevent me from repeating them. Basically I go through time periods where I have a burst of interest in whatever - it lasts for a bit, and then I move on to the next. It basically cycles between reading, TV/books, and Reddit. Writing used to be in there, but that's kind of gone to the wayside.

It's weird because I *know* that I fixate, and I'd rather have a balance... But that doesn't stop me from doing it anyway. I'll read a bunch of books over a couple of months, or I'll binge watch my way through a TV show, and then I'm off to whatever the next cycle will be. I remember I'd do it when I was younger, too - I'd write a whole bunch over a month or so, and then my attention would wander.

Maybe I should schedule myself? TV, reading, writing... Now there's a thought.

Work has something to do with it, of course - when I'm feeling drained or like a lot is going on at work, I tend to lean more towards mindless browsing than towards reading, because reading feels like it uses more of my brain.

What are all of you watching at the moment, anyway? I think the last 'newer' show I picked up was The Crown, and I haven't quite been able to get into the most recent season. I know that Olivia is amazing but it's just not quite the same... I think I need to forget Claire Foy before I attempt to get into it again. I know The Witcher is a popular one, though I feel a bit like I missed the surge of interest in that. A downside to Netflix - fandoms spring up and then die overnight because everyone binge watches at the same time. Are there any new shows for the sci-fi/fantasy inclined to check out? That reminds me, The Umbrella Academy looked interesting but I never did get around to watching it. Must watch this season of Doctor Who, too, but I've kind of held off on that deliberately.

Anyway! The thought that spurred this post was thinking about the fact that I haven't read any books yet this year... My goal is 85, this year. Ha! Maybe I was a bit overzealous. If I could make myself engage in audiobooks that might help, but I find that I end up zoning out and not paying attention.

This entry is a bit rambly. I do miss writing somewhere more regularly, though, so maybe I won't just cycle in and out of here the way I do everything else.

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I've been doing some archiving the last few days, and it's had me digging through some really old links - fanfics, fanart, fanwanks (of course)! It just struck me how long ago all of it is, now. It's actually a bit strange to think about - I wrote my first LJ entry on March 27th, 2002. In a month that'll be *eighteen years ago*. That is kind of insane. I remember when I felt amazed that I'd hit five years, and ten, and that it seemed like an impossibly long time.

I was so different, then - so much younger. It's funny to read my first entry where I said 'if you don't know me, why are you reading this'? Of course, the internet was crazy different back then, too. I feel really lucky that I got to sort of grow up alongside it - just in that sweet spot where I could explore safely, without ending up being stuck in the insanity and bullying that followed. There was a post on Reddit the other day and it sounded like other people felt the same - that they were grateful to have missed the current dynamic online.

I miss how small the internet felt, back then, but of course there were downsides. Could BNFs exist now? I've been idly pondering about that and I'm not entirely sure. I mean there are people who are absolutely huge on Youtube and elsewhere, so maybe? I mean there are still scams and drama and all sorts of crap, so I guess that just shows that people are just... people, no matter the medium and no matter how many of us there are.

I do miss the more 'connected' feeling that it all had, though. I used to know the names (at least pseudonames) of the people whose stuff I read. Now... Nope. Occasionally Harry Potter comes up over on Reddit and I see people reminiscing about stuff that happened when I was in the fandom and I find myself wondering if I 'knew' them, back then. I think most people have gone off to Tumblr, or Twitter... You can never go back, only forward. I remember the group of people that I gathered up on Neopets and how we all came together for that brief period of time - then it passed, and it was never quite the same after. I feel like the HP fandom was the same way.

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Yahoo groups

Got the email about Yahoo Groups being shut down. I can just imagine all the history that's stored on there... I was looking at HP4GU and it alone has thousands upon thousands of posts, peaking at around 8k in one month back in 2003 or so.

I wonder if it's being backed up anywhere? On the one hand it seems like a shame to lose all of that, although admittedly with the publication of the rest of the books a lot of it is ancient speculation, now.

I suppose that's the nature of the digital age, it doesn't take much for everything to disappear.
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Lissa (also known as Cinnamon or Starflowers) posted on LJ for the first time in ages tonight, which startled me...

Anyway, she says she's lost all her fics? So I just thought I'd link people to her entry -

I was able to find one of them cached on a random geocities site but the others don't seem to have been captured by due to the age verification prompt. So if any of you out there could help her out I'm sure she'd appreciate it!

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Celine Dion "My Heart Will Go On" from Ana Sofia Ramos on Vimeo.


Suddenly I am sixteen again...

I've talked about it before, but it bears repeating since it still hasn't changed - this song (and the movie) have such a treasured spot in my heart. It takes me back to when I was sixteen, an angsty teenager with the hugest crush on Leonardo DiCaprio, fascinated by the story of Titanic and the love story of the movie.

And god, Celine is just freaking amazing. Even now twenty years later, she has such power in her voice - such emotion. She's a true diva and her performance here is incredible and moving. I imagine it brings back memories of her husband - she appeared emotional during the performance, and I have to assume that she found herself thinking of him.

I really do need to rewatch the movie sometime soon. I haven't in awhile, in part because I can practically rewatch it in my head, but it's not quite the same. Besides, Leo and Kate are both eye-candy in this movie. :D

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